WAMBIZ builds private and controlled industry specific social networks that deliver customer critical content empowering our clients to maximise revenue by leveraging today’s most relevant form of communication.

What's Everyone Saying?

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Our Leadership Team

Harry Jawanda Andrew West
James Martin Richard Vidis
Jim West

Our team is built on friendship, trust and loyalty…
and just so happens to combine business smarts with competitive instinct, as well as the right blend of entrepreneurial youth and experience.

Lucky us. We have grown up together, worked together, played top level sports together, been in tight spots together and come out the other side all the better for it. We want to use our knowledge to help businesses and organisations foster greater customer engagement in the digital age.


WAMBIZ is the brainchild of two former
(but fortunately still alive and kicking) investment bankers who
recognised that the evolution of social media and all it’s associated benefits
can be leveraged within a business context to create a more productive workforce, fulfilled customer base and ultimately healthier bottom lines.

Multiple Industries fail to properly engage with their customers which leads to higher levels of attrition. WAMBIZ’s core features tackle this by improving retention, loyalty and thus revenue.

We see private and controlled social networks as the crucial conduit, or wrapper, to deliver critical industry specific content which helps organisations foster closer ties with their customers. No longer will they feel the pain of emailed spam, but a more bespoke, tailored, controlled form of communication delivering relevant information.

We have four product areas in which we are focussed; education, health and fitness, corporate and hospitality. You will find more details on each on this website.