WAMedu is a private social network which your institution controls, enabling all your learners, staff and faculty to connect, share and collaborate in a safe and secure environment.


Engaging your learners?

WAMedu is designed to deliver educational resources allowing your learners to maximise their potential via a platform with the same look and feel as the social networking applications they use everyday. WAMedu creates an engaged learning experience for the modern day student.

The Maths: What are the Benefits to your Institution?


WAMedu Features: Here are some of our key features that deliver the above Benefits…

  • User to user real-time messaging system: Enables your learners to ask assignment questions to peers and tutors in a safe and controlled way from home.
  • Group pages and timelines: Allows teachers and learners to create course, social or sport communities helping them collaborate and stay in touch outside of the classroom and off campus.
  • Video and image uploader: Extends learning beyond textbooks and creates a great lesson preparation tool.
  • Broadcast: Allows the administration to contact all learners, staff and faculty at once.
  • On site amenity advertising platform and bespoke coupon codes: Generate offers so your learners can make the most of your institution’s facilities.
  • On and off campus event promotion: See who’s attending what and invite friends.
  • Virtual Learning Environment integration: Enhance both your learner’s and staff’s experience of your VLE with our intuitive UI. No learning curve required.

The Stats