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We are the customer experience specialists. Whether you’re a student, patient, employee or team member our aim is to give you the most seamless and efficient customer journey as possible. It’s that simple.

How we achieve this

Constant Feedback

To provide the best customer experience we listen to our users and constantly gather feedback. This allows us to deliver technology that makes their aims easier to achieve.

Keep it Simple

We have found that the key to improving customer experience via technology is to ensure that the technology is simple to use. Our platforms look and feel like the social media apps our users are already using in their personal lives, meaning no learning curve.

Our Team

We work collaboratively and believe that the best opportunities come from the sharing of ideas. No individual is bigger than the team, we value every team member’s opinion. We like to think big and aren’t afraid of making mistakes.

Meet the leadership team

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Co-Founder & COO

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WAMBIZ recognise that not every teacher or employee wants to embrace traditional ‘open’ social media in their professional life, as it either exists on public sites, think Facebook, or requires the need to disseminate personal information, think WhatsApp. Whilst at the same time, conventional use of email no longer lives up to the immediacy and demands of today’s super fast paced world. Because of this, Harry Jawanda and Andrew West, created WAMBIZ, a company which builds private social networks for schools, colleges, universities, companies and charities, as a way for those teachers and employees to get the benefit of social collaboration without fear of either external monitoring or the blurring of social life and school or work life lines. No teacher or employee wants their students or colleagues to see their swimwear clad holiday photos after all!!

Harry and Andrew initially focussed on the education market and gained traction quickly as staff, students and applicants recognised that WAMBIZ’s private social networks allowed them to bridge the gap in communications that had existed between the staff’s use of email and the student’s and applicant’s use of traditional social media. WAMBIZ then saw that the communication, collaboration and productivity efficiencies it was creating in the education market could be transferred to the corporate world. As a result, Harry and Andrew developed a platform which enables a company to integrate all current corporate communication tools, including contact card sync, voice, call controls and video, into one and the same user interface as their WAMBIZ private social network, thus creating a truly unified communications hub for their employees to leverage.

The platform is simple to use for anyone who has used other social networking tools before, although in a WAMBIZ environment users can only make connections with other authenticated users within that same environment. Each environment can even be 100% branded to the relevant organisation, so that any school, college, university, company or charity can have their own app. All environments have an admin dashboard which allows each organisation’s administrators and management to have full visibility of every member’s engagement with the application and control what is posted by whom and when.

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