WAMBIZ for Sports Clubs

  • Connect

    WAMBIZ for sport provides sports clubs with their own ring-fenced private social network which easily connects all coaches, players, parents, members and supporters in one intuitive environment. This helps to foster a true sense of club community and spirit.

  • Communicate

    WAMBIZ for sport’s real time user to user messaging platform allows your club’s staff to communicate more efficiently and effectively with players, parents, members and supporters without the need for any disclosure of personal information, such as phone numbers. WAMBIZ for sport’s blast message tool also helps ensure communications for the entire club community can be sent in one click. Whilst push notifications guarantee messages are not missed, as might be the case, if those communications had been sent out via email.

  • Educate

    WAMBIZ for sport’s secure group timelines allow your club to create coach education communities and parent support groups allowing for more efficient dissemination of information, content and support around education, coaching and qualifications.


  • Monitor

    WAMBIZ for sport enables you to easily track player and coach progress over time ensuring any necessary support and advice is provided on a real-time basis. WAMBIZ for sport’s productivity task board feature allow coaches to maintain player progress records which can help with team selection.

  • Control

    WAMBIZ for sport is a fully secure platform that incorporates authenticated access, a managed audit trail of posts and comments as well as multiple safeguarding features and reporting functionalities. This helps maintain your players’, parents’, members’ and parents’ welfare and your coaches’ professional integrity.

  • Comprehensive

    WAMBIZ for sport is an all inclusive platform available on any device any time. Download the app on iOS, Android and Windows. No smart device, no problem…WAMBIZ for sport is also available via a web app URL.


The WAMBIZ platform offers you a fully branded app for your Sports Club.
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