WAMBIZ for WBL is a branded private social network for each provider that provides more efficient and effective communication and support for learners meaning they feel less isolated when on placement and are more likely to complete their course.

  • Single Branded App for ALL communications

    A superior, familiar and intuitive UX and UI provides the best learner experience and engages them throughout their learner journey both in class and on placement.

  • Employability and Careers:

    The Wambiz platform provides a WBL provider the opportunity to create a Career Zone, from which they can give employers access to individual ‘Employer Pages’ which can then intelligently position content in front of learners.

  • Improves access to support:

    Access to the “Support Hub” allows learners to get the support they need in a more efficient way, they can search for FAQs, generate support tickets and communicate directly with the relevant teams all in the same place. A well supported learner has a higher chance of being retained.  

  • Seamless solution integrated with your existing systems:

    The Wambiz platform can be fully integrated with your existing systems to provide the relevant information and access to learners at all stages of the learner journey.


  • Communicate:

    WAMBIZ’s real time user to user messaging platform allows learners and staff to communicate more efficiently and effectively without the need for any dissemination of personal information, such as phone numbers. WAMBIZ for WBL does not blur the lines between training life and social life that can often dangerously occur on open social media platforms and helps reduce costs on placement visits and wasted journeys.

  • Collaborate:

    WAMBIZ’s secure group timelines allow tutors, assessors and learners to create course, unit and placement communities helping them collaborate on assignments, tasks and reviews more easily and efficiently. WAMBIZ’s blast message tool also helps push messages to all staff and learners in one click, fostering a strong sense of community and support network where learners feel less isolated when on placement.

  • Control:

    WAMBIZ for WBL is a fully secure platform that incorporates authenticated access, a managed audit trail of posts and comments as well as multiple safeguarding features and reporting functionalities ensuring learners’ welfare and staff professional integrity remain intact.

“WAMBIZ is a great platform for evidencing group work”Acorn Training Consultants Ofsted inspection report

The WAMBIZ platform offers you a fully branded app for your company
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